Interview with Gerald Zaltman

“Despite the availability of increasingly sophisticated methods, most customer relationships remain standardized, superficial, and lacking in informed customization. Through deep metaphors, the Zaltmans provide an insightful and provocative framework for identifying and learning from the implicit cognitive influences on customer decision making that can enhance and deepen intimacy and loyalty.”

Gary W. Loveman
Chairman, CEO and President, Harrah's Entertainment, Inc.
"A disruptive book that will change how you think about customer insights. The emotional power offered within these pages will energize you to dig deeper into your business and turn thin functional insights into rich emotional messages that will propel your business."

Donna J. Sturgess
Global Head of Innovation, GlaxoSmithKline
“With the profound advances in psychology and neuroscience over the past two decades, I’m convinced that now is the time for practitioners to rewrite the ‘principles of marketing.’ Marketing Metaphoria transforms insights from the authors’ research into a rich framework that will help you think more deeply about your consumers and develop more innovative ideas for action. Read it twice, then keep it on your desk for ready reference.”

Bob Woodard
Vice President, Global Consumer and Customer Insights, Campbell Soup Company